May 2018  
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Our Mission Song

This Is My Mission

(Sung to the tune of “Blessed Assurance)
Blessed with His goodness, blessed with His love;
Blessed with His showers, that comes from above.
Blessed with His sunshine, blessed with His air.
I’ll go on helping everywhere.
God gives the courage, faith leads the way;
Onward we travel happy and gay.
Thinking of others, willing to share,
Taking God’s message everywhere.
Re-mem-bering others, whenever I pray.
Looking to Jesus, He is the way.
Onward I travel, He’s by my side
I’ll never falter, He is my guide.
This is my mission, this is my prayer
Helping the needy, everywhere.
This is my mission, this is my prayer,
Helping the needy, everywhere.