September 2018  
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Mission Ministry Circles

The Ministry Circles hold their regular meetings once a week.  All circles meet on Wednesday before the first Sunday at 5:30 PM for general mission meeting. Monthly written and oral reports are given. These reports include circle members, meeting date, time location and projects or activities.

  Daisy Brown                                                      Esther Phillips                                            Lula Phelps
Esther Pearson                                                      Esther Phillips                                              Lula Bradley
Inez Robinson   
 Carrie Cary                                                       Leathea Wilkerson                                   Esther Gregory
Mattie Carter                                                            Betty Powell                                           Beverly McCorvey
                                                                                                                                               Deborah Haynes 
 A. L. Beck                                                                                                                               N.B. Reeves
Marie Harris                                                                                                                              Pearl Sanders
Ministry Auxiliaries
Sunrays (1-4 male/female)
Eddie L. Jones
Sunshine Band (5-8 male/female)
Sandra King & Pearl Sanders
Junior Red Circle (9-17 female)
Deborah Haynes
Intermediate Red Circle
Princess Holley 
Senior Red Circle
Luerene Spencer
Crusaders (9-17 male)
Christia Simmons
Young Women’s Auxiliary (unmarried 18-35)
Young Matrons Auxiliary (Married 18-35)
Young Men Auxiliary (18-35)