September 2018  
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Mission Goals
  1. To provide school supplies to children in our back to school with God program.

  2. To collect and save tabs from aluminum cans for Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital.

  3. To promote and develop a culture of peace through the culmination of the study of “Peacemaking Women” by Tara Barthel and Judy Dabler and to begin a group study of “The Peacemaking Church” for general mission.

  4. To promote and develop a culture of peace through youth groups by the culmination of the study of “The Young Peacemaker” by Carlotta Sande and to have a workshop to further develop peacemaking skills.

  5. To do a group study on “Always Sisters” by CeCe Winans for our Intermediate and Senior Red Circle Girls, also to  promote and encourage development into Christian Young Ladies.

  6. To conduct a backpack drive for the homeless by our youth, and provide transportation for children to go caroling to the shut-in. 

  7. To conduct workshops with youth groups on peacemaking, stressing money management, and purpose of “mission” .

  8. To encourage positive youth interaction through outings such as Home Depot crafts, Chuck E. Cheese, skating, bowling and other Activities that promotes positive interaction.