September 2018  
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Mission Objective
  1. To visit those who are sick, imprisoned and shut-in, and minister to those in need.

  2. To provide food for those who are hungry through provision of food baskets.

  3. To reach all ages of the church membership and un-churched. Introduce lost souls to Jesus Christ.

  4. To increase the Mission 25% by using the Out-Reach and In-Reach committees.

  5. To coordinate with the new members committee to ensure that all women and children that joins this church are  aware of  mission groups and are given a personal invitation to participate.

  6. To provide min-workshops on creative teaching of weekly mission lessons taught by the circle chairman, a representative or invited guest.

  7. To help members become knowledgeable of the events and Activities of the mission in the local church, district, state and national Baptist conventions.